Safe Visitation

Current Risk for COVID-19 Exposure & Infection at Intercare Facilities

COVID-19 Risk for all Intercare Long Term Care (LTC) and Supportive Living (SL) facilities is currently considered to be HIGH due to the following:

  • Provincial return to Step 1 of COVID-19 Restrictions on April 6, 2021 to reduce exponential growth in COVID-19 Variants of Concern (‘VOC’) cases in Alberta;
  • Exponential increase in transmission and cases of highly infectious COVID-19 VOC in the Calgary Zone;
  • Exponential increase in COVID-19 related hospitalizations and ICU admissions in the Calgary Zone;
  • COVID-19 ‘fatigue’ and COVID-19 ‘vaccination hesitancy’ in the community; and
  • Rise in number of continuing care sites declared to be in COVID-19 outbreak in the Calgary Zone.


Below is a listing of important documents that are applicable to scheduled visits. Visitors must ensure that they have reviewed the documents prior to their first scheduled visit. Please also note that a completed and signed waiver form, including a witness signature, is a requirement for visitations and must be provided to the Care Home by visitors at the time of their first scheduled visit, in place in order for the visit to take place.