Corporate Team

Corporate Team

Bert Evertt – President & Chief Executive Officer  
Ian Woodcock – Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Josh Ail – Assistant Vice President – Administration & Corporate Services
Sarb Gosal  – Assistant Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Cheryl Miles – Assistant Vice President  – Care Operations
Dr. Paddy Quail – Medical Director / Site Leader Medical
Laurie Paul – Corporate Services & Community Relations Program Leader
Mike Gervais – Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator
Michael Kasa – Information Technology Manager  
Amanda Vaudry – Executive Assistant


Cindy Christie – Accounts Payable
Debbie Bloomer – Accounts Receivable (Southwood and Chinook)
Tina Pedersen – Accounts Receivable (Brentwood and Kingsland)
Amber Torrance – Facility Payroll & Benefits Team Leader
Leah Allen  – Payroll and Accounting
Mylyn Dioquino – Payroll
Theresa Reed – Payroll

Human Resources:

Michelle Meade – Human Resources Program Leader
Nanette Nell – Labour Relations Specialist
Megan Zarkovic – Staff Coordinator
Sarah Erhabor –
Staff Coordinator
Kiera Plume – Human Resources Administrative Assistant


Mary Corcoran – Education Services Team Leader
Mary Kneale – Staff Educator
Sarah Perry –
Staff Educator
Amanda Holroyd  –
Staff Educator

Volunteer Services:

Kate Merkowsky – Volunteer Coordinator

Support Services & Maintenance:

Dorothy Rosentreter – Support Services & Materials Mgmt Program Leader
Lovit Sathley – Housekeeping & Laundry Team Leader
Gary Seward – Physical Plant & Maintenance Team Leader