Brentwood Care Centre

Our Facilities

Brentwood Care Centre

  • Long Term Care (328 private and semi-private rooms)
  • Behavioral Support Unit (38 private rooms)

Next Resident/Family Council Meeting:  please see posters at facility for details

Our Long Term Care Team:
Facility Administrator: Christopher Kane
Clinical Team Leader: Tammy Corea
Social Worker: Amanda Reid
Social Worker Janina Morals 
Food Services Team Leader: Meeleen Tam
Housekeeping and Laundry Team Leader: Ajay Srivastava
Dietitian: Katelyn Carter
Dietitian: Ashwini Kelkar
Occupational Therapist: Sarah Nitsche
Occupational Therapist: Tammy Lui
Recreational Therapist: Heather Hultgren
Recreational Therapist: Jenny Hughes
Physiotherapist: Natasha Herman
Physiotherapist: Christopher Jimenez

Contact Info.

  • Brentwood Care Centre
  • 2727 –16th Avenue NW
  • Calgary, Alberta T2N 3Y6
  • Telephone: 403-289-2576
  • Fax: 403-282-7027
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