Hospice Programs

Hospice programs are specifically designed to provide comprehensive care, that is focused on easing the physical, emotional and spiritual pain that often accompanies terminal illness.

Intercare offers palliative care at two Hospice locations: Chinook Hospice’s 14 bed Hospice, and Southwood Hospice’s 24 bed Hospice. Both Hospices promise to provide individuals who are facing terminal illness with the best quality of alternative care. Referrals to Hospice are made through the Alberta Health Services / Calgary Zone Palliative Care Team or through the individual’s Family Physician.


In fulfilling Intercare’s vision of being the “Heart of Excellence“, Hospice offers:

  • A warm and supportive living environment
  • Flexibility and encouragement for clients, their families and friends
  • Personal care and assistance with daily living activities
  • Counseling services for emotional and spiritual support
  • Educational opportunities for clients, families and the care team
  • To work with the local community to facilitate a broader understanding of hospice life

Our Hospice Team consists of:

Attending Physicians provide care in collaboration with the hospice team and in consultation with palliative care physician consultants

Clinical Team Leader is responsible for the overall operation of the Hospice Unit and coordinates care with residents, families, staff and Attending Physicians

Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses focus on maintaining comfort, symptom and preventative management

Resident Care Aides provide personal care and daily assistance

Social Worker supports families with personal, financial / non-financial affairs and community sources enabling the development of a support network and bereavement services

Spiritual Coordinator offers emotional and/or spiritual support to residents, family members and loved ones

Hospice Volunteers provide friendly support, companionship, encouragement and assistance in activities of daily living

Clinical Pharmacist ensures that the most appropriate and safest medications are provided and reviews medications with Attending Physicians and nursing staff

Chinook Hospice Southwood Hospice
Clinical Team Leader Roxana Mirauta Clinical Team Leader  Bing Ungab

Chinook Hospice Kitchenette

Chinook Hospice Guest Suite

Chinook Hospice Chapel

Chinook Hospice Quiet Area

Chinook Hospice Lounge

Chinook Hospice Kitchenette

Southwood Hospice Lounge

Southwood Hospice Kitchenette

Southwood Hospice Guest Suite

Southwood Hospice Guest Room

Southwood Hospice Dining Area

Southwood Hospice Conference Room

Southwood Hospice Chapel

Southwood Hospice Chapel

Southwood Hospice Children's Area

Southwood Hospice Outdoor Patio

Southwood Hospice Outdoor Patio


  • Chinook Hospice 1261 Glenmore Trail SW Calgary, Alberta T2V 4Y8 Phone: 403-258-0040 Fax: 403-255-7323 . .
  • Southwood Hospice 211 Heritage Drive SE Calgary, Alberta T2H 1M9 Phone: 403-252-0620 Fax: 403-252-9291 .