Care for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

Seniors and those with disabilities deserve and are entitled to the best quality of care  and services possible.  Intercare is committed to providing  a wide range of high quality, compassionate, person centered care services and supports to seniors and those with disabilities and remains  committed to exceeding client expectations by continually striving for excellence.

Together with our community partners and stakeholders, we endeavor to ensure that seniors and those with disabilities – in both rural and urban areas – have timely, affordable access to the living accommodations, services and supports that they need to help maximize their independence and ability to lead fulfilling lives.

While our primary goal is to address the needs of our continuing care clients, Intercare also cares for individuals challenged by chronic diseases and other physical disabilities. To provide the services and supports needed to care for these diverse populations, we are focusing our development in five key areas:

  1. Care
  2. Education
  3. Development and learning
  4. Research and technology
  5. Infrastructure