Message from Vice President

“Being in Service to Others”

Message From the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Working with, and for, Intercare Corporate Group Inc. (hereafter Intercare) involves embracing and celebrating a personal commitment to being in service to others and understanding that you are a member of a 1,500 strong family of people who dedicate themselves each and every day to ensuring that our more than 853 residents live the best possible quality of life.

What does it mean when YOU decide to be in service to others?

It means: “…doing the things you do simply out of the goodness of your heart. You aren’t looking for glory or acclaim; you have no ulterior motive at all. The “motive” is simply to do something kind for another human being. That is the true meaning of being of service to others.”  Jane Johnson

It means: “…We all have a unique purpose; however, it is important to recognize that no true purpose can supersede the principle of giving…True purpose demands that you are not only fulfilled and enriched by what you do but also that others benefit from it. This is the foundation beneath the true definition of serving others.”   Dean Forbes

Ultimately, the choice to be in service to others must be aligned with one’s own sense of purpose and in turn, be consistent with one’s workplace environment and chosen Employer.

At Intercare, we have the following Statement of Purpose:

“To maintain dignity, offer choice, support growth and honor those we serve.”

This statement epitomizes what it means to be a part of this service-focused organization.  Not coincidentally, the words “honor those we serve” emphasizes that being in service to others is both an honor and privilege – it is not a right.

By accepting this calling, all of us, as members of Intercare’s extended family, have chosen to be Ambassadors of Service and have been entrusted by those we serve to take care of them and to adhere to our Core Values of Respect, Compassion, Commitment, Ethics and Service.

In turn, our exceptional staff and volunteers are recognized on an ongoing basis by the people they serve through many positive letters, feedback forms, phone calls and e-mails we receive.

Through this feedback, our employees are made aware of the countless positive, lasting impressions that they generate through caring for, and serving, hundreds of residents and their families.  In addition, they are reminders that each new resident admission holds a special opportunity to provide moments of satisfaction, happiness and even joy to those in need.  Moments that serve as countless treasures to remind us of the honor, privilege and priceless rewards that come from choosing to be in service to others.

Ian Woodcock,

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer