Words of Kindness

˜ Brentwood Care Centre ˜

“I just wanted to say that I am completely amazed and impressed by how well Brentwood has dealt with the outbreak… Also, I am so grateful for your updates. It’s difficult not to worry about my Dad at the best of times and I think that if I had felt that there wasn’t full disclosure at Brentwood I would have gone a little crazy.  I would like to convey my appreciation to the staff…Many, many thanks to the whole Brentwood team.”

Brentwood Care Centre- Family Member


“Our heartfelt thanks to MLA Jason Copping for sending these beautiful flowers to our Brentwood Care Centre employees in appreciation of their dedication and hard work.”

-Brentwood Care Centre 

“Our family would like to thank the staff of the Brentwood Care Centre for their care of our loved one. Your hard work and dedication to the residents has been exemplary and we can’t thank you enough for what you all do! As well, we have been appreciative of the daily email briefings which have been a great help in keeping up-to-date. Thank you!”

Brentwood Care Centre – Family Member 

“I am writing to say thank you. My mother is a resident of your Brentwood facility. My sister forwards me your daily email updates… I just wanted you to know how much you and the entire staff at Brentwood are appreciated. You have been open, honest and steadfast. It is chaotic times and I am sure some days you are completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of your work and the responsibility of it all …Thank you for all you are doing.”

-Brentwood Care Centre – Family Member

“My parents are residents of St. Andrews Central and have resided at Brentwood for exactly one year now. I would like to thank you and the entire staff of Brentwood for keeping our loved ones safe during this remarkably challenging Covid season.  

We think of our loved ones often.  However, our thoughts are also with ALL Brentwood staff and their families.  They say we’re all in the same storm – we are not.  Truthfully, you and your staff are in the eye of this storm and there is simply no way that we could make it through without you all.

“Your team is undoubtedly the heroic warriors of this battle as you navigate through this pandemic to protect the most vulnerable population.  Caring for those who can no longer help themselves deserves the highest recognition. It truly takes a special person with generous compassion to do this work, but to do so in the face of Covid, is absolutely incredible.

I would like you to know that we truly appreciate the daily updates.  Yes, they do provide us with assurance and validation that you and your staff are doing all that you can to manage this situation.  

Until we can meet to personally give you our warm appreciation, may your entire team take care and stay safe.”

-Brentwood Care Centre – Family Member 

“Many thanks for the extensive outbreak measures you have put in place for the past two months at Brentwood Care Centre.  My sister and I have always felt that our mother and all other residents have been in good hands with the level of care provided by you and your staff. Thanks, also, for your transparent reporting of the daily numbers–this must be an overwhelming amount of work, but it provides us with peace of mind. Fortunately, our mother has tested negative for    COVID-19, which I’m sure has much to do with your diligence in the face of this virus. 

We are delighted to be able to email our mother and have your staff read them to her; many thanks… for providing this service which helps us feel connected to Mom during these difficult times. I have nothing but admiration for you and your staff, who face what must be a challenging and stressful situation every day. We are delighted to have Mom at your facility. Take care–you and your staff!”

 -Brentwood Care Centre – Family Member

“I just wanted to recognize some staff who are deserving of much praise and gratitude…My boyfriend’s mother is on Saint Andrews unit at Brentwood Care facility. Staff take the time when they are so very busy to put the phone by his mother’s ear for very long periods of time so her sons could talk to her and tell her they love her and say prayers for her.  It meant so much to both of her sons to be able to do that. Was also special that she responded to their voices… Staff treat her with so much kindness and dignity and it means more than this email can express. Please let them know how much the family appreciates the level of care your facility is giving their mom. Thank you to the staff  who go above and beyond. Thank you for continuing to come to work and gown up. It must be such a challenging time for each and everyone of you. Thank you so much.  I am saying a prayer for each of you this evening.”

-Brentwood Care Centre – Family Member

“You and your staff are doing an outstanding job of keeping everyone as safe as possible during these difficult times. I am confident and appreciative  that my husband is being well taken care of by the great staff at Brentwood. I also really appreciate the updates that you send on a regular basis. Thanks to all.”

-Brentwood Care Centre – Family Member 

“This week my mom celebrated her 91st birthday and  we were worried about not being with her.  The team had a cake made for her birthday and they treated her like a queen today. They’ve sent us pictures and video. Additionally they let me come to the main floor window so I could talk to her through the window on the phone. This kind of exceptional care and understanding is what makes this such a special place! I cannot thank the team enough for their care.  Today was very special.”

– Family Member – Brentwood Care Centre

˜ Chinook Care Centre ˜

Watch Global Calgary’s recent profile of Muriel, our 102 Chinook Care Centre resident who is Alberta’s oldest COVID-19 survivor. See her incredible story of overcoming both the Spanish Flu and COVID:



“Thank you so much for all your hard work to everyone at Chinook Care Centre.  It has been a very difficult time but your love, care and kindness has not gone unnoticed.’

-Chinook Care Centre – Family Member

“………thank you for managing Chinook with such excellent care and professionalism.  We know Mom and all  your residents are taken care of with patience, dignity and compassion from all your staff and we are so grateful to all of them…”.

– Chinook Care Centre – Family Member

“Thank you for managing Chinook with such excellent care and professionalism.  We know Mom and all your residents are taken care of with patience, dignity, and compassion from all your staff and we are so grateful to all of them and you.”

– Chinook Care Centre – Family Member

“…Your hard work is paying off. We can’t thank the employees enough. Sending our prayers to everyone at Chinook Care Centre.  
God grant us serenity 
Except the things we cannot change. 
Courage to change the things we can. 
And the wisdom to no the difference.”

Chinook Care Centre – Family Member

“Thank you for keeping us continually updated on the status of Chinook….the daily emails to families gives me hope that things are finally improving.  The staff at Chinook have been excellent and deserve endless praise… Thank you again for your great work and support during this extremely challenging time.”

Chinook Care Centre-Family Member


Mayor Nenshi and some of Calgary’s finest firefighters came to celebrate the very special 100th birthday of one of Chinook Care Centre’s residents! The day was a complete surprise for this 100-year-young birthday girl and was organized by two of her friends. Dressed in a purple suit and crown, she was thrilled to see her birthday parade and believes Mayor Nenshi’s purple tie matched her outfit. Her roommate was also celebrating her 95th birthday the same day! Residents and staff were excited to see the mayor and members of the fire department outside their windows and the day was a great fun for everyone at the care centre.  Thanks to all who played a part in making this day extra special!

-Chinook Care Centre

“Thanks for taking this matter seriously especially in homes with seniors……….. Keep up the good work in this very different world.

-Chinook Care Centre – Family Member

“While families can’t be physically together right now, they are finding ways to connect with their loved ones. One of our Chinook Care Centre residents turned 92 recently and her family found a fun way to wish her happy birthday, while spreading some cheer to the entire community!  Later in the day, they enjoyed a Zoom birthday call and celebration.

Taking the time to continue to celebrate special occasions is an important part of staying connected. We encourage families to continue to think of new ways to make special gestures for their loved ones who call our care centres home!”

– Chinook Care Centre –

“Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Oh Man I’m Missing All of You!
…I’m sending best wishes, prayers and thoughts to each and every one of you.
A big thank you for looking after our loved ones and keeping them safe.
Stay healthy and take good care of yourselves …we need you”

-Family Member – Chinook Care Centre

“…when we call in (at least every second day, as we used to visit often…) we are always made to feel it is not a bother, no problem, and we know staff are crazy busy! We have managed to speak to [our family member] on Zoom and even hook up with sons in another province. Various staff members have taken turns helping us do this, holding the tablet for him to see us…

Yes, it is difficult and sad to not be able to see [our family member] and we worry as do we all, about how vulnerable nursing homes are for all of you, but we know you have done and are doing your very best.

Finally, I want to end by repeating that we feel it is everyone who is going above and beyond right now.

Thank you …Chinook Care Centre, Intercare! …We know you all have your own families and worries during this time and wish you all the best.”

-Family Member – Chinook Care Centre


˜ Kingsland Terrace ˜

“Thank you for taking care of my loved one and all the other residents in Kingsland Terrace by having it locked down.  We need them and all the workers to stay healthy.”

-Family Member – Kingsland Terrace


˜ Southwood Care Centre ˜

In a time when it feels like good news is in short supply, Intercare Southwood resident Henry recently reached out to share his appreciation for our staff and the care he – and fellow residents –  are receiving.

Henry praises the staff at Southwood for being “absolutely wonderful” and tells us he gets “superb care day and night.” He says the maintenance team is very “responsive” and the custodial staff are “fastidious” when they clean his room. From the “wonderful” kitchen staff to the ladies at reception that are “keeping the place under control,” he has glowing reports.

Of the care staff and nurses, Henry tells us they are “amazing” and their care and attention to residents is “incredible.”  Says Henry, “This whole place is like heaven and staff are working harder than ever before – and I mean everything with all my heart.”

-Southwood Care Centre – Resident

 “Thank you for the ongoing communications. A huge thank you to all the staff for your valiant efforts to keep this virus at bay. We very much appreciate all you are doing to keep them safe and “filling in'” for your residents’ family!”

-Southwood Care Centre – Family Member

“Thank you for the updates …. so appreciate the honesty and timely updates… Our family feel optimistic and thankful that she is being diligently taken care of … Bless you and your staff”

– Southwood Care Centre – Family Member

“……I want to THANK YOU and all your staff,  for all that you have done and are continuing to do, to keep all the staff and residents (including my dad) as safe, as possible . I rest easier knowing that he is in such capable and kind hands – again – Thank you.  Your emails with the Southwood Updates are very much appreciated. To your staff members, who are ill with the COVID -19 virus: I wish them a speedy recovery! Thank You all, so much!”

– Southwood Care Centre –  Family Member

“Thank you for all the updates and the openness that you all have shown. It means the world to my family knowing that proactive measures are in place to keep my mom and everyone else safe at Southwood. The nursing staff…have been exceptional as always and have been very supportive in letting me talk to my mom when I call to see how she is doing.”

– Southwood Care Centre – Family Member

“My dad is at Southwood Care Centre.  I want to thank the staff there for the care and concern they are demonstrating through some very tough times.  They go out of their way to help whenever I contact them.  Dad says he is well treated and appreciates their care.  Their work and all the staff are appreciated as it is tough not to see him, but I’m confident he is getting the best care and in the best place he can be right now.”

-Family Member – Southwood Care Centre